A dream come true

The brand name Fausti was given through the joint initiative of Domenico D'Angelo and Cristina Fausti with the specific purpose of establishing a structure that would integrate harmoniously in the territory, which they have always loved and where they grew up.

Due to the years of experience acquired in vineyards they were not scared of facing such a challenging mission.

The strong ties with the land, coupled with the perfect combination of high density of vines per hectare and low production of grapes per vine have produced exceptional results.

An important step that was taken, in accordance with the company's spirit, was that of shifting to organic farming the total of 20 hectares of vineyard, distributed between the communes of Fermo and Offida.

In 2015 the encounter with the Amici Family, which fully depended on the philosophy and the expertise of previous owners, gave a new impulse and vigour to the constant search of wines that are capable of touching the hearts of those who taste them.