Fermano and Piceno

Fermano and Piceno have always been areas very much dedicated to growing grapes.

Stories tell of the freedom enjoyed by the municipality of Fermo in the middle ages by virtue of being the official pontiff supplier of wine and wheat.

The dominating medieval tower adjacent to our company, which has become the symbol of the company, was owned by the Matteucci counts, who were lords of Fermo.
The heraldic symbol that is still visible on the tower wall portrays a vine with three bunches of grapes as evidence of the importance of this type of cultivation since the Medieval period.

From the hills along the Adriatic Sea to the slopes of Mount Ascension and overlooking the Sibillini mountains, the characteristics of the area have made it possible to successfully achieve a variety of cultivations: three types of Montepulciano (Monteprandone, Fermo, Conero), Sangiovese from Montalcino, Syrah from Provence, Pecorino and Passerina.